PRO TECHnology, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Y-Brush, a French brand electric toothbrush that is revolutionizing dental cleaning in the MENA region.

Since its launch in 2021, Y-Brush has been rapidly expanding its footprint worldwide by launching in new geographies and expanding its online and physical sales channels. This innovative toothbrush has captured the attention of consumers with its ability to brush all teeth in just 10 seconds, making it a game-changer in oral hygiene.

PRO TECHnology is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of Y-Brush in the MENA region, and we are confident that this innovative technology will transform the way people in the region care for their teeth. Our partnership with Y-Brush will allow us to bring the latest in dental cleaning technology to the region, and help us achieve our mission of improving the lives of people through technology.

The Y-Brush is designed to clean all sides of the teeth simultaneously, using its y-shaped design and 35,000 nylon bristles. This makes it more efficient and effective than a traditional toothbrush, which requires the user to brush each tooth individually, moving the brush around to clean different parts of the mouth.

Y-Brush has made this revolutionary toothbrush accessible to all by launching three new ranges adapted to all ages and budgets: NYLONSTART, NYLONSTART Kids and NYLONBLACK. The NYLONSTART range is perfect for adults who want to upgrade their oral hygiene routine, while the NYLONSTART Kids range is specially designed for children to help them develop good brushing habits at an early age. The NYLONBLACK range is the premium line for those who want the best in dental cleaning technology.

In addition to its ability to clean all sides of the teeth, the Y-Brush also reaches all teeth, including the molars, which can be difficult to clean with a traditional toothbrush. This makes it an ideal solution for people with busy lifestyles who want a fast, convenient, and effective way to care for their teeth.

At PRO TECHnology, we are committed to bringing the latest in technology to the MENA region, and our partnership with Y-Brush is a testament to this commitment. We believe that the Y-Brush will make a significant impact on how people in the region care for their teeth, and we are excited to share this innovative technology with our customers.

Upgrade to the Y-Brush today and experience the difference it can make to your oral hygiene routine. For more information and to purchase the Y-Brush, please visit our website or contact us directly. Don’t settle for a traditional toothbrush – embrace the future of dental cleaning technology with Y-Brush and PRO TECHnology.

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