Our Digital Printing Division was formed to meet the requirements of the growing Signage and Advertising industry in the Middle East and Africa. We provide innovative and reliable signage technologies with unparalleled customer service. Through a rapidly growing network of successful clientele, we strive to create and maintain a reputation of excellence in our relationship with customers.


Hybrid UV Printer

Sun Innovations Hybrid UV printer lets you print on Roll as well as flat materials. 

Small Format UV Printer

Direct Color Systems  ADA Braille Certified UV Printer is a world class small format printer.

Mid Format Flatbed UV Printer

Introducing the all-new UV-53DTS industrial UV/LED flatbed printer! We created a truly unique medium format flatbed printer capable of printing our patented ADA/Braille signage, Textur3D dimensional signage, and standard graphics.

Large Format Flatbed UV Printer

Direct Color Systems is raising the bar on the next generation of flatbed LED printers.  The new UV-84DTS Gen2 printer has a 12″ z-axis vertical height allowing you to print to more than standard sign materials. 

Laser / Engraving machine

PROLASER Machines are dedicated to marking, cutting or engraving on a wide range of materials (plastic, wood, metal, etc..)


IMAGO Confectionery plotters are modern devices that allow you to print in photographic quality on virtually any confectionery substrate.

360°, Tapered & Contour Printing

This technology provides ease of entry into the direct-to-object market while also providing fast, efficient, and productive performance for light production printing to cylinders and tapered media. 

CNC Router

Hanter Technology CNC routers are machines used to cut many types of materials, such as wood, plastic, aluminum, and high-density foam.