Stadler Form ensures optimal indoor climate

Stadler Form develops and designs devices in Switzerland with innovative technology to optimize the indoor climate.

Humidity and health: creating the right balance with the right indoor climate

The term humidity generally only crops up when there is too little or too much of it. However, it is not just in poorly ventilated office spaces or the sticky heat of indoor rainforests when that is the case: it can sometimes also be the case within your own four walls. The right – or a healthy – level of humidity plays a key role for our well-being, especially at home. 

Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity of the indoor air to an optimal level if it is too humid, helping asthma sufferers breathe more easily, preventing mould from forming and even drying washing. Breathe deeply without having to worry with a dehumidifier from Stadler Form.

Dehumidifier : Albert

Where humid rooms are a nightmare, the dehumidifier Albert feels right at home! On the ground floor or in the basement, in the house by the water or even in the laundry, Albert is an efficient dehumidifier. The swing function of the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution. The dehumidifier Albert avoids efficiently mold in any room.


Dehumidifier: Theo

Simple elegance combined with top performance make the small air dehumidifier Theo unique. Theo loves humid rooms, efficiently removing excess moisture from the air. An integrated hygrostat means the desired humidity can be set to 40%, 50% or 60%. Alternatively, Theo can run continuously. His independence is also impressive; Theo’s timer can be programmed with a delay start of 1 to 7 hours or an operating period of the same time span. When the time period finishes or the water tank is full, Theo switches off automatically.

Humidify the air

When the humidity is too low, flu viruses survive longer, and the risk of infections increases. In addition, over a long period of time a low level of humidity is bad for musical instruments, wooden furniture, paintings, and parquet floors. Wooden items can become damaged as a result of warping. How can you improve the indoor climate in such cases? By using a humidifier, you can combat the problem of overly dry air indoors.

Humidifier: Eva

As a power-woman, Eva blows the mist high up in the air using ultrasonic technology and provides for precise humidification with an external sensor. At the same time, the sensor serves as a remote control so that also the handling of the humidifier Eva by Stadler Form is very convenient. Despite the power, she is a sensitive lady – thanks to the Adaptive Humidity™ technology in auto mode, she automatically adjusts the output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain the desired humidity.

Air Purifier

We have been faced with the coronavirus and its impact on our health for more than a year now. Naturally, this has brought with it the question as to how we can protect ourselves against this highly contagious virus. Stadler Form arranged for the ability of its Roger air purifier to filter coronaviruses to be tested by an independent laboratory – and the results were very convincing. All three air purifiers from the Roger family drastically reduce the SARS-CoV-2 viral load in the air within a short space of time.

Air Purifier: Roger

Bad smells, volatile organic compounds, fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria can worsen our air quality. Our air purifier Roger shows the air quality at home or in the office. With his two sensors, he continuously measures the quality of the room air and immediately detects contamination. The air quality indicator lets you know if air quality deteriorates by changing its color. The specially-developed Dual Filter™ combines a HEPA and activated carbon filter. 


A fan creates wind by circulating the indoor air. That wind has a pleasant cooling effect on our skin. There are various types of fans which cover a range of requirements. The fans from Stadler Form provide the refreshment you need, however hot it might get.

Fan: Leo

Do you want to create a comfortable refreshing climate? Then Leo is the ideal choice. With his innovative 3D oscillation mode, he can provide optimum air distribution in an instant. Leo can also circulate the air flow in a room both vertically (from -5° to 85°) and horizontally and has a range of 8 meters so that everyone in the room can experience a cool breeze. The swing range of the 3D air circulator from left to right can be adjusted to suit your needs and you have 3 angles to choose from, 60°, 90° or 180°.

Fan: Simon

Quiet, powerful and provides all-round refreshment: with his 3D oscillation mode and a wind distance of up to 10 metres, Simon ensures optimum air circulation in large rooms too. Despite being powerful, the 3D pedestal fan is extremely quiet. Whether you require a gentle breeze or refreshing wind, the air flow can be easily adjusted with a range of individual settings to choose from

Fan: Peter

With his slim and elegant stature, Peter produces a lot of wind. His oscillating mode ensures even and pleasant distribution of the air throughout the entire room. Thanks to his column shape, the fan takes up very little space and is perfect even in tight space conditions. Peter impresses with intelligent characteristics such as the 1–7 hour timer, a mode for a natural breeze, and a handy remote control.

Fan: Q

 «Q» the fan is an object – and it is a fan! Unmistakably, «Q» bears the hallmark of the well-known Swiss designer and artist, Carlo Borer. The ventilator Q is a work of art, since it was developed over many years until it became possible to combine the stylistic requirements of the designer with the quality requirements of technology. Intensive research was also required before the complex manufacturing steps were ready for production. The protective grille on the back can be removed for easy cleaning of the fan blades.

Better relaxation with Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffusers effectively distribute essential oils and other fragrances in the air. Thanks to technologies such as ultrasonic nebulisation or evaporation, aroma diffusers create oases of well-being.

Aroman Diffuser: Lucy

Aroma diffuser Lucy diffuses your favourite aroma – without noise or soot – in deceptively realistic candlelight. Her Amber LightTM bathes the room in gentle candlelight to create a magical feeling of well-being. There is nothing to stop your candlelight dinner or a cosy evening in with a cup of tea. Lucy uses ultrasound technology to diffuse fragrances and essential oils around the room in the form of a fine mist and, when her water container is empty, she switches off automatically. 

Aroman Diffuser: Nina

Aroma diffuser lady Nina generates enchantingly atmospheric light, creating an experience for nose and eyes. Simply insert your choice of fragrance globe, relax, and feel great. As a result of the subtle lighting, each fragrance globe creates a unique atmosphere and distributes its aroma around the room for up to 4 weeks. The 6 different varieties of fragrance globes are made of richly fragranced, bonded pearls.