Stadler Form Albert dehumidifier ensures good Indoor Air Quality

Green Living is the new design trend for 2022. Houseplants – both large and small – can turn your home into a green oasis. However, they do have an undesirable side-effect: houseplants that need a lot of water release it back into the atmosphere, thereby increasing the humidity indoors. Stadler Form – a brand for intelligent air solutions – presents product that provide an immediate remedy: slim and powerful dehumidifier Albert. Albert can bring the level of humidity back down quickly and efficiently and his practical carrying handle means that he can be set up wherever you need him quite easily. The ingenious Albert also ensures that the air humidity never increases in the first place while his swing function circulates the indoor air.


Albert – the intelligent dehumidifier

The current Green Living design trend is based around filling your home with houseplants of different sizes. Albert from Stadler Form can help make sure that your indoor air quality is not affected by the increased humidity. If the humidity is below the recommended 60%, silence prevails – unless the hygrostat is randomly turned up to 80%.

The ingenious Albert switches on independently as soon as air values deteriorate. The dehumidifier sucks in the air enriched with small water droplets, captures them and distributes the dehumidified air back into the room using his swing mode. In addition, the hose enables drainage to continue without you having to empty the tank. Albert is particularly suitable for rooms of up to 70 m2. That’s not all: the swing mode circulates the indoor air so that washing dries quicker and evenly. 


Stadler form Albert Dehumidifier Applications:


Stadler Form Albert dehumidifier is available via PRO TECHnology and in selected specialist stores as well as their online shops.

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