The OWC Jellyfish is our shared storage solution, born

from our need to createcollaborate & go fast.



The first plug-and-play video workflow server to come with a handle. The OWC Jellyfish Mobile was designed to be on-the-go or, at least, out of the server room. It excels with teams of four to six editors working with 4K media on the road or at the office.


The OWC Jellyfish Tower matches the ease-of-use and plug-and-play powers of the Mobile and is as powerful as something you’d find in your server room. It’s quiet enough to stand on its own in your edit bay and powerful enough to take on 6+ editors working with 4K media and beyond.



Our most powerful NAS solution, intended to live alongside all your other server room equipment. OWC Jellyfish Rack is the preferred solution for ultra-high-bandwidth connectivity (25GbE/50GbE/100GbE) and can seamlessly merge into the most complex enterprise network environments.

Why OWC Jellyfish?

Made For Editors, By Editors

The OWC Jellyfish was created by a group of post-production professionals who believe you

shouldn’t need to be an IT expert in order to use shared storage for your video projects.

Ultimate Compatiblity

Workflow and Integrations

Collaborate with the software you already love or take advantage of our included tools for

media management and server administration to accelerate your workflow.