Looking for a Multi-Platform Device Management

that let’s you:

✔️ Manage all your iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome devices from the convenience of one console

✔️ Create custom dashboards and reports to keep an up-to-date view of your devices, versions, licenses, update and patch statuses

✔️ Restores corrupted installations Automatically

✔️Maintain network security by preventing unauthorized software installation on your devices?


The number of supported systems, users and devices are skyrocketing. IT budgets have gone down and yet the number of IT staff to support the increased demand hasn’t changed.

To top it all off, expectations are higher than ever. So, how can you keep up with this ever growing and oftentimes overwhelming demand? How can your IT Team efficiently do their job so that everyone else can effectively do theirs?

Meet Filewave

Filewave is an all-inclusive, multi-platform systems management solution that provides IT teams an easy and secure way to manage all devices throughout the entire lifecycle. Imaging, deployment, management and maintenance. All from one easy-to-use console. Filewave’s multi-platform support includes Windows, OS X, iOS and Android, bringing everything together into a single drag-and-drop interface, greatly reducing the time it takes to learn and execute essential tasks.

Trusted by 7,000+ customers

“I would need at least four IT admins in our team without FileWave. We save so much time and resources with the tool.”​

Deana Elder​, Technology Support Coordinator

Once we experienced the ability to distribute software at scale within minutes, instead of hours, we could never come back.”​

Michael Kneebone, Director of Technology

“We are seeing 50% time savings when we install complicated software, like Adobe’s Creative Suite, now that we use FileWave.”

Martin Werren, Head of Publishing & Content

Cross-platform device management

FileWave offers support for multiple operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS, and Android.  

It is an ideal solution for organizations with diverse IT environments enabling them to manage all endpoints from a single platform. 

Remote content and software distribution

Remotely distribute software and support your users to enable productivity worldwide. Control devices from anywhere, regardless of firewalls, NAT configurations, or other security settings. Implement needed fixes remotely, quickly, and easily.

Self-healing technology

Do not worry about users deleting system-crucial files anymore. Our automated self-healing technology takes care of repairing and reinstalling any software that has been removed, corrupted, or altered.

Booster technologies ensure that applications are installed even on highly distributed networks and unreliable connections.