Brush your teeth. In 10 seconds.

NylonBlack Toothbrush

This pack contains :

✔️1 Black Edition Sonic handle (4 sonic vibrations modes) with soft touch finition and built-in rechargeable battery of 3 months

✔️1 brush head (to replace every 6 months max.)

✔️1 toothpaste applicator to dispense the right volume of toothpaste

✔️1 USB cable

Effective brushing in 10 seconds

A toothbrush that can brush all your teeth simultaneously in 10 seconds to ensure an even better brushing experience. Developed with dentists over 4 years, the brush is suitable for both adults and children (with the NylonStart Kids).
🦷 – Sonic vibrations, non-aggressive to the gums, remove plaque better
📦 – Automates the right gesture for optimal efficiency
🇫🇷 – Made in France, in our own 3.0 factory

State-of-the-art features

In addition to its Effectiveness, the Y-Brush has various features that reinforce its action and allow you to achieve better dental hygiene.
🔋- 3 months of battery life to take it everywhere with you
⏲- 4 sonic vibration modes: soft (15 sec), normal (10 sec), intensive (5 sec) and unlimited.
🛡️- Splash-proof
💡- Soft nylon filaments, finer than a conventional toothbrush, to remove plaque in depth

NylonMed, a unique technology

Our brush head is made up of soft nylon filaments, which, coupled with the sonic vibrations, brush each side of each tooth, not forgetting the back teeth.
🪥- Ultra-flexible Y-shape to fit all jaws (latex free)
⚕️- 35 000 soft nylon filaments
📐- Bristles inclined at 45 degrees to effectively remove plaque

Toothpaste, in the right amount

The toothpaste applicator in this product allows you to use just the right amount while spreading it all over your teeth.
No applicator ? Put a dab of toothpaste on your tongue and pass it over your teeth.
🙏- Spreads a fine line of toothpaste over the brush, easily
🛍️- Fits 99% of commercially available toothpastes

NylonStart Kid Toothbrush

The NylonBlack model is perfect for starting well Y-Brush experience with our NylonBlack toothbrush

This model is perfect for your kid to start well Y-Brush experience with the essential!

This pack contains :
✔️1 sonic handle (1 mode of sonic vibrations) with built-in rechargeable battery of 3 months

✔️1 sheet of stickers to customize the handle with cool designs (a dog design is included!)

✔️1 brush head for kids from 4 to 12 years old (to replace every 6 months max.)

✔️a Kid “Whaly” blue toothpaste applicator to dispense the right volume

✔️1 USB cable