Have you ever sat inside headphones?

The sonic chair provides a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very centre of a sound system.

Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audio books – the integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears

The speakers are encased in a carefully crafted body that creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones, while a specially devel – oped body-focused sound membrane serves as backrest and further augments the lower frequencies – creating the feeling of a live performance

The open design ensures a resonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. Background noises will not disrupt the enjoyment of music or an audio book in the sonic chair.

The active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.

You sit at the very centre of the sound system – wherever you are.

Regardless of whether you are sitting in a hotel lobby, an airport lounge, a bookshop, or a music store, the sonic chair will provide both exceptional listening pleasure and unique ambience.

The sonic chair combines the functions of a comfortable lounge chair and an audio station in a single product.

You can even connect your iPod or laptop and work without distraction, or listen to the latest CDs or audio books.

The sonic chair is also ideal for waiting areas and for presenting music, audio books, films and texts at trade fairs, exhibitions and museums.

At home, it will finally enable you to listen to your favourite concert at full volume without disturbing your family, your roommates,
or your neighbours.