Stand up against static sitting!

Aeris Swopper

The office stool Aeris Swopper is ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or home office. Its movement in all three dimensions (forwards, vertically and sideways) strengthens the back, promotes an upright sitting posture, increases concentration and makes you feel fitter and happier all round. The Swopper is available with a glider foot ring or a castor foot ring and its seat height is infinitely adjustable. With its choice of different colours and fabrics, the ergonomic office stool offers something for every taste. Choose from colourful seat covers and the frame colours white, black and light grey metallic. Configure your individual Swopper chair now.

Aeris 3Dee

The Aeris 3Dee is the perfect ergonomic office chair for more well-being, more energy and balance while working in the office. Thanks to its three-dimensional mobility, it allows free movements in all directions while sitting and thus promotes active sitting. The comfortably upholstered, half-height backrest with individually adjustable lumbar support is ideal for conscious relaxation in between. In addition, the office chair without armrests is infinitely height-adjustable. From the executive chair to the plain office chair – with the different fabric covers and frame colours, every 3Dee variant can become an eye-catcher in the office.

Aeris Muvman

The standing chair Aeris Muvman can be used flexibly and meets all workplace requirements. It combines moving sitting and standing and thus promotes intuitive posture changes. The standing seat relieves the legs and ensures a back-friendly and upright working posture. It is also infinitely height-adjustable and available in many colours and cover fabrics.

The ideal Muvman cover for the office – Select is a classic wool material that is characterised by its monochrome elegance. The fabric is extremely hard-wearing and ideal for heavy use.

Aeris Oyo

Whether as a visitor chair for offices and meeting rooms or as a rocking chair for the home. With its elegant design and saddle seat, the Aeris Oyo cuts a fine figure everywhere. It offers a completely new concept of sitting and convinces not only functionally but also ergonomically. This modern rocking chair keeps everyone moving and encourages different sitting positions – forward, sideways or backwards. Thanks to its curved shell shape with integrated backrest, the Oyo invites you to linger in comfort. Configure your favourite Oyo from two different frame colours and colourful fabric covers.

Aeris Swoppster

The Aeris Swoppster is suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age and is height-adjustable (15kg-50kg, up to a height of 160cm). Its movement dimensions promote physical and mental development because movement has been proven to increase the ability to concentrate and enhance learning. This ergonomic desk chair for children makes healthy and active sitting possible from the very beginning. With its choice of different colours, the children’s swivel chair is an eye-catcher in every child’s room. Choose from colourful seat covers and a white or black frame and configure the Swoppster in your child’s favourite colour.

Aeris Muvmat

Standing on hard floors means hard work for your body after a short time. To make working while standing more comfortable for you, we have developed the Aeris Muvmat. This special anti-fatigue mat is the perfect addition to your height-adjustable desk, but also for all other workplaces where you have to stand for a long time. The topographical 3D structure in the standing mat activates the foot reflex zones, relaxes the muscles and keeps the body moving: like a walk on forest soil.

Thanks to its extremely durable top layer, our anti-fatigue mat can be used with shoes – but is also perfect for barefoot fans. In addition to the office workstation, you can also use the standing mat in production, in the laboratory and in your home. Simply everywhere where you work standing up.