Just Launched! The PeriOne is our entry level, single-spindle version of the PeriQ360.

This technology provides ease of entry into the direct-to-object market while also providing fast, efficient, and productive performance for light production printing to cylinders and tapered media. The PeriOne prints directly to clear glass without the use of a barrier, and features auto wiping and capping of the inkjet heads. The PeriOne is groundbreaking in functionality and speed among other single spindle units on the market today.

Eliminate the need for paper labels and adhesives while creating an eco-friendly, seamless 360° label printed directly to your cylinder or taper.

The PeriQ360 is the fastest production unit in its class with the ability to print four items at a time – perfect for light to medium production runs. The PeriQ360 stands far and above its nearest competitors in this price range.

Imagine your products being so beautiful that people never want to throw them away, keeping your brand and message front and center.

The Perivallo360m prints high-definition graphics directly to your metal, glass, wood or plastic object – no paper or adhesive, just beautiful, full-color, high-definition images. With the Perivallo360m you can now have distinctive and tailored branding that sets you apart from the competition with a minimum run length of just one piece!

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