The latest print heads by Ricoh or Konica Minolta and unique innovative system of «magnetic levitation»

🟢 Magnetic levitation ‘Quantum leap’ in ink-jet multi-pass printing. The printer is equipped with a powerful linear motor unbeatable by traditional mechanic solutions. The absence of rubbing and stepping components eliminates the negative vibrations and «noise» affecting the print quality and raising overall stability and durability of the system. 

🟢 Advanced grey-scale Improved waveform system allows IQ Maglev to print dots of different sizes in a single cycle. This option increases the smoothness of the image significantly without speed loss. 

🟢 White ink recirculation Constant circulation sytem allows forgetting about ‘white head’ clogging issue. 

🟢 Control electronics by DPS Innovations Extended warranty of 5 years for control electronics and UV-LED.

🟢 Solid metal frame All-metal welded frame can withstand heavy media up to 400kg.

🟢 4 vacuum zones Honeycomb desktop is divided into 4 vacuum zones able to operate independently to reduce power consumption of the printer.

🟢 8 channels in every machine Every MAGLEV is ready for 8 colors printing, get CMYK+W and then just add print heads to have +LM +LC +V when needed