3D Systems CubePro Duo 3D Printer

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Key Features
9 x 10.75 x 9.5″ Build Volume
70-Micron Resolution
Dual Extruders for 2-Color Printing
Compatible with PLA, ABS, Nylon Filament
Smart, Moisture-Lock Cartridges
CubePro Software & Cubify Invent
USB & Wi-Fi Printing Capability
2 ABS Filament Cartridges Included
USB Stick & 25 Free Designs Included
Windows & Mac Compatible

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Product description

The CubePro Duo from 3D Systems is a 3D printer capable of printing with up to two colors of ABS, PLA, and Nylon materials, at resolutions as fine as 70 microns. Design models up to 9 x 10.75 x 9.5″ in volume, or larger if using just one extruder, and the CubePro will build them by melting plastic in thin sheets, depositing layer upon layer until they form a three-dimensional object.

Filaments for the CubePro come in smart cartridges that detect the type and quantity of material in the cartridge, which prompts the CubePro to adjust printing settings accordingly. The double extruders work with over 20 colors of filament to produce hundreds of possible color combinations for your prints.

Also included is 3D Systems’ Cubify Invent software, which allows you to create and modify 3D designs in preparation for printing. You can also design your model in any other CAD software, because the CubePro software will convert your .stl file to the .cubepro extension that your CubePro will print. Transfer your .cubepro file onto the included USB stick and insert directly into your printer, or send it wirelessly via Wi-Fi from your desktop.

The fully-assembled CubePro Duo comes with white and neon green ABS cartridges, 25 free designs, and a USB stick to help you start printing right out of the box.

Precision & Print Mode
The CubePro features an auto-leveling print pad that eliminates the human error possible with manual calibration. Your printer is also capable of very fine, precise printing at a 70-micron resolution – thinner than a piece of paper. Of course you can always choose faster printing, at 300 microns, when such detail isn’t necessary.

The print modes determine how much plastic is used to make the part, how long it will take to print, and how strong it will be. CubePro can print in three different print modes: lines, diamonds and honeycomb.
Lines mode is appropriate for building parts that do not require internal structural strength.
Diamonds mode is geared for self-supporting parts that require minimal internal structural strength and lower requirement for flat top surfaces.
Honeycomb works when you need both great internal structural strength and optimum flat top surfaces.
Nylon Filament
In addition to the traditional ABS and PLA materials, the CubePro is now compatible with nylon filament, which expands the applications of your 3D printer.
Nylon can be used to make strong, durable and functional parts. It is compatible with autoclave sterilization and is resistant to gasoline. It is also biocompatible and hence can be used in medical applications requiring USP class VI compliance.
Nylon is a durable material resistant to high temperatures that has a high strength to weight ratio, which makes it suitable for end-use parts for engineering as well as parts requiring secondary operations like painting, machining, or adhesive bonding.
Nylon is used in a wide array of applications, like automobile parts such as gas tanks, dashboards, enclosures and housings, snap-fit parts and living hinges, aircraft and motor parts, medical parts and more.
Smart, Moisture-Lock Cartridges
Instant-load cartridges with non-clog technology and moisture-lock construction preserve the life and quality of the materials. The Cubepro detects material type automatically based on the cartridge, eliminating the need to change print settings. CubePro cartridges contain enough filament to print about 30-35 medium-sized prints, which 3D Systems approximates to be the size of an average mobile phone case. Your Cube Pro Duo comes with white and neon green ABS cartridges.
CubePro Software
The CubePro software is a free download that converts .stl and .creation files into .cubepro format, which is the only format your CubePro will print. Most CAD software can create .stl files, but if you have .obj or other file formats, you’ll need to convert them to .stl before using CubePro software to convert them further into .cubepro format. The CubePro software works on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Although the CubePro software lets you orient, scale, and add supports to your 3D model, it is not a design tool. In addition, the CubePro Software offers:
Clear and intuitive interface
Tested default settings for all CubePro 3D printers
Ability to create custom profiles as needed
Imperial/ metric conversion available
Built-in STL file verification
Combined part and tool path viewer
Profiles for multiple material/support materials
Cubify Invent
The included Cubify Invent software is a design program that allows you to create, manipulate, and prepare your design for printing.
Wired & Wireless Printing
Transfer your completed designs to your 3D printer with the provided USB stick, or via Wi-Fi from your desktop software.
Send back your empty cartridges to designated 3D Systems locations for reuse in exchange for a discount on new cartridges. You can also return used ABS and PLA prints for responsible recycling or composting by 3D Systems
In the Box
3D Systems CubePro Duo 3D Printer
2 ABS Filament Cartridges
3D Systems Cubify Invent Software (License Code, English Version)
CubePro Software
USB Stick
25 Free Designs
Power Supply
Limited 90-Day Warranty


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