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SUN Franchise


PRO TECHnology Company in partnership with SUN Franchising Company, its key partner in Russia, is pleased to offer to you SUN Studio franchise.

SUN Studio is the world’s first international network of Art Centers of UV-printing and Design. Our enterprises work in 15 countries and continue to open all over the world. Beginning in 2009, the history of SUN Studio today is a successful result of our Art Centers’ impressive work in various parts of the world.

The main SUN Studio activity lies in areas of interior design and decoration. The principal service of Art Centers is applying images on any surface and material.

Every SUN Studio franchisee has great help in a start of his business and in the process of its conduct. We always support our franchisees in the following areas:

    • The organization of business and production
    • Education and training of staff
    • Marketing support
    • Financial Monitoring Systems
    • Assessment of efficiency


Competitive advantages of SUN Studio franchise

SUN Studio franchise has an important competitive advantage. It is an ability to satisfy a demand of the widest circle of customers. The business concept is based on the aspiration to individuality, inherent in every person. That is why SUN Studio services satisfy the needs of their customers to express themselves giving them an opportunity to create bright individual design easily and quickly. 


SUN Studio services have a high demand in different markets:

  • Furniture Market (decoration of furniture)
  • Construction Market (decoration of composite panels, ceramic-granite, doors)
  • Interior Design Market (decoration of wallpaper, plaster, stretch ceilings, floors)
  • Advertising Market (the printing on banner fabric, the making of light boxes)
  • and many others.

Such wide customer specter is available because of the use innovative printing equipment and own unique technologies in SUN Studio Art Centers of UV-printing and Design. It allows us to open new markets to sell our services and increase profit constantly.

SUN Franchising Company statistics and the successful experience of 82 Art Centers prove other SUN Studio franchise’s pluses:  

  • 100% profitability
  • 100% pay back
  • Low risks for innovative business
  • Period of return on investment:  from 12 months.


We invite you to partnership!

We are glad to propose you other opportunities to collaborate with us. If you are interested in SUN Studio business but you do not want to be actively involved in management, we offer you the special franchise concept that is called “All inclusive” package.

Under this package we will undertake the following service:
-      creation of juridical person (corporate entity) - a special one for running of UV printing business at your country/city; interaction with all government institutions;

-      search of premises suitable for UV-printing center (in accordance with all requirements and product standards); rental contract conclusion; SUN Studio repair and decoration in accordance with worked out design;

-      staff selection, its professional training; assistance in customers base creation; employment assistance (execution of working papers, visas, medical insurances);

-      solution to questions of financial control, audit;

-      preparation and carrying out SUN Studio opening ceremony (interaction with mass media, potential customers);

-      further support and control on printing center functioning.

Generally speaking, it’s a process of business organization on a turnkey basis.

Why not check out some of our Printers or learn more about the Inks we provice.

You can also view our Gallery to see some of the brilliant things our SUN Printers can do.

You can also visit our SUN Studio to see everything with your own eyes,

or send us an email regarding any enquiries or questions

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