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SUN company produces Nano technology based UV SunFlower inks. It's a competitive choice for businesses looking for high quality results and economy in their ink systems.

Being included in formula nanochemicals improve physical specifications of the ink as well as brightness. These round shaped microspheres (like extremely small diamonds) increase inks fluidity many times. If nozzles are clogged ordinary ink cannot traverse, but nanoinks easily pass through ensuring trouble free printing. Beside they clean up nozzles improving the condition of print head. With such ink the lifetime of print heads increases up to 30%.

Also the color appears to be brighter and adhesive performance is improved. NANOink ensures fast curing and features perfect adhesion to almost any substrate and gives amazing print result. On top of it all, these inks are “Eco Friendly"

These inks are compatible with most of the other brand of printers & we PRO TECHnology have a dedicated team of Engineer who provide total support on fixing it on other printers . We assume overall responsibility for our ink.

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