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3D PRO is dedicated provider of additive manufacturing / 3D printing, rapid prototyping, tooling and injection molding services in the UAE. Prototyping and low-volume production of plastic and metal components directly from design data is easily achieved with our broad selection of technologies and materials. Additional capabilities in tooling and injection molding make 3D PRO your one-stop source to bring your concept from prototype to finished product ready for market.

3D PRO enabled companies to minimize assembly by consolidating dozens of parts into one. Always seeking out smarter, faster, more cost-effective solutions, often ones customers didn’t know they needed.

3D PRO offers a 3d Prototyping service, allowing businesses and consumers access to 3D printed parts. 3D PRO's printing professionals will work with CAD files and print a functional prototype, which helps business communicate their concepts clearly and effectively. 3D PRO works to deliver quality 3D prints at reasonable rates.



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