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Storageflex is the 4th generation of Mass Storage Products resulting from over 2 decades of experience in manufacturing of Mass Storage Products for Unix, Intel and MacIntosh Networks.

Founded in 1983 to provide storage solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, Storageflex has pioneered the development of High Performance Online, Nearline and Offline Storage Solutions. Storageflex produced the first SCSI Multiple Disk Storage System in 1988, followed by the first "Hot Swap" RAID in 1989.

Storageflex continues to be an innovator and world leader in RAID, CD/DVD Servers and Tape Backup Storage Systems with over 70,000 storage solutions in 40 countries worldwide


The Storageflex rdx A8 provides fast, reliable data storage for small to medium sized businesses. It can hold up to eight removable RDX cartridges in any combination for a total capacity of up to 8TB (up to eight 1TB cartridges). This affordable multi-bay device supports data-intensive operations, such as centralized backups for disaster recovery and business continuity, accelerating and enabling cloud storage, and shuttling large data sets quickly. The A8 features fast access times, high data transfer rates, and ruggedized media for reliable performance.

  • The Archive Appliance can help reduce the burden on your overstretched IT resources. Since it uses a standard iSCSI interface, it can be added to your network in minutes, and easily integrates with your applications.
  • Removable and portable - Enables offsite backup storage for added data security
  • Scalable - Stores up to 8TB simultaneously (up to eight 1TB cartridges) per 2U, or 168TB of removable rdx media in a 42U rack
  • Compatible - Works with all RDX cartridges made yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Fast - Provides high transfer rates and short access times for exceptional performance
  • Hybrid Design - Each rdx A8 can be configured as an 8 slot JBOD appearing as 8 separate drive letters or mount points, or as a LTO 8 slot Virtual Tape Library for backups from any backup software.


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