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Canto is a leading supplier of digital asset management solutions and has been dedicated to helping customers fully utilize their digital assets since 1990. Canto has successfully served a wide spectrum of market segments throughout its history, with repeated success in Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Manufacturing, Advertising/Design, Government, Prepress/Print/Publishing, and Retail. Canto maintains a worldwide presence through its extensive partner network and offices in Berlin and San Francisco.



Canto Cumulus enables companies to easily organize, find, share, and track their ever-increasing numbers of photos, illustrations, presentations, video, audio, layouts, and more. Canto’s worldwide network of certified developers offers an impressive assortment of plug-ins that further enhances the Cumulus product line. Cumulus is a cross-platform solution well known for its ease of expansion and customization as well as its security and reliability with over 14,000 Cumulus Servers sold and more than 1,000,000 user licenses distributed.

Canto Cumulus is a single portal that offers controlled, secure access to all your organization’s files:

  • Sharing is simple, so distribution is easy
  • Approvals come faster, so deadlines are met
  • Files are easy to find and track, so nothing is ever lost
  • Workflows are enhanced, so productivity improves

For nearly 20 years, Cumulus has helped organizations manage, control and distribute files, no matter what the format, no matter what the purpose:

  • Add new files in any format, from anywhere
  • Edit existing files, with complete version control and roll-back history
  • Access and download files for use in any application or campaign
  • Process images, create PowerPoint presentations on the fly
  • Automate workflows, encourage collaboration, and much more

Cumulus provides anywhere access to anything you need, any time you need it, from virtually any device you choose.

Connect to Cumulus via PC, Mac, Web browser, or even your Android, iPhone/iPad or BlackBerry mobile device.

You control who can do what, so security is assured. Users get what they need, so productions stay on track. Best of all, Cumulus tracks it all for you, so you can better track your success.

The flexibility and raw power of the Cumulus platform ensures that no organization’s needs are too extreme. Configure Cumulus to suit your needs, or sit back and let Canto Professional Services or a Canto partner drive your system’s evolution for you.
Integrate with other systems using a wide variety of add-on products or use the Cumulus API to custom build exactly what you need.

There’s no easier, more flexible and more secure way to share your assets across your organization, your partner network, or the entire planet. And there’s no smarter way to build and maintain your archives.

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