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Corporate Solutions

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1. PRO TECHnology and your Business

2. Support Services for Business

3. Desktop and Mobile Device Management

4. Apple Authorized Reseller

5. Service Offering

6. Service Contanct

7. Comprehensive Training Facility


PRO TECHnology and your Business

PRO TECHnology offers the help, advice and expertise you need to focus on your clients. Whether you are just starting out or an established player in your sector, we have the solutions, staff and support you need for success.

PRO TECHnology's business teams are specifically geared to cater for the needs of your business today. We aren't just order takers, but knowledgeable problem solvers ensuring that whatever industry you're in, a solution will be found to fit your organisation's needs within a competitive budget.


Featured vendors

PRO TECHnology have great relationships with many of the IT industry's most pioneering vendors, so we can provide you, our customer with the best possible solution.

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Business Consultation

If you are interested in purchasing a Mac for your business, we'd love to hear from you.
Please select from the menu on the right if you would like to book a consultation, receive a quote or join our mailing list to hear about the latest news and events from PRO TECHnology.


PRO TECHnology have partnered with industry leaders to get the best packages for our customers. The finance solution can include hardware, software and on-site maintenance, ensuring you get the equipment you need, when you need it.
Here are a few reasons why asset finance can suit your business:


Support services for businesses

Fully qualified
PRO TECHnology is an Apple Service Centre, meaning all our engineers are fully Apple accredited.
Additionally, our team are committed to ongoing training on most productivity tools and many business solutions you'll be familiar with.

Installation, deployment and configuration service

Description: oolsOur engineers and consultants can provide assistance at all stages of the process, from the identification of the right solution to cater for your production needs to installation and deployment onsite. We assist sole traders, small companies or large corporations alike.


Remote support

Description: emote supportSupport tailored to you. Our talented team can remotely access your computer over the Internet and fix your IT woes from afar. Remote support is very useful to diagnose faults before attending site and minimise downtime. Remote sessions are very popular for providing training to address small challenges at user level. Providing a faster solution, keeping everyone happy!


Description: lockGuaranteed response service contracts

You can choose from a wide range of service options and plans. From a one-off, to three year extended warranties, to guaranteed four-hour response contracts, managed services and user support.


Description: tethoscopeWarranty/non-warranty repairs

From a single warranty repair to a major server failure, we're here to assist you. We can repair Apple products covered by warranty, including Apple Care, even if originally purchased elsewhere.

Description: star


Customers with a contract entitlement can track their repair progress and history through our support portal. You'll have access to monitor your equipment including everything under contract with us so you can see exactly how your repairs are progressing.



Desktop and Mobile Device Management

Desktop Management

Description: esktop device managementSimplify the life of your system administrators with a comprehensive platform to update and maintain Mac OS X computers.
The solutions PRO TECHnology specialise in are designed to solve immediate day-to-day problems, as well as safeguarding your organisation's future by establishing powerful management strategies. Features include imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote control, settings management, license management and usage management.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Description: obile device managementWhen rolling out mobile devices to company employees, IT departments have a lot to keep in mind. Inventory, configuration, security management and distribution are the core features of mobile device management.

Inventory: Gather a full inventory of decide information inclusing installed apps and settings, plus easily reference purchasing and warranty information.

Configuration: Using a modular approach, administrators can build configuration profiles for iOS devices and apply settings to individual devices or using smart device groups.

Security Management: Remotely manage iOS devices, protecting data from being compromised on lost devices. Remote lock, wipe or clear passcode from wherever they may be.

Distribution: Over the air distribution of apps and eBooks.



Filewave (Multi-Platform Device Management)

Description: obile device managementFileWave provides business, education and government institutions from around the world with enterprise level multi-platform device management. See how FileWave's products, features, and services provide a comprehensive solution throughout the entire life cycle process of imaging, deployment, management and maintenance.


Deploy at the File Level: Content delivery has never been easier than with FileWave’s patented file-level deployment and self-service end-user kiosk. Unlike traditional package deployment methods, file-level deployment with filesets gives IT teams granular control of content distribution.

Fast and Flexible Imaging: FileWave makes imaging devices painless with its cross-platform solution by taking the effort out of imaging hundreds or thousands of machines. FileWave’s easy-to-use solution makes imaging Mac and Windows devices fast, efficient, and reliable – and with fileset specific imaging, FileWave takes software deployment to a new level.

Mobile Device Management Made Easy: With FileWave you can manage both iOS and Android devices from the same interface that you use to manage your Mac and Windows clients, making management of your mobile devices easy. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 rollouts can be instituted seamlessly with FileWave's all-in-one solution.

Client Management - Simplified: FileWave has been a leader in systems and device management for over 20 years, and has thousands of education and enterprise clients, worldwide. FileWave empowers IT teams to easily configure, distribute and manage software, documents, files, and applications allowing end-users to focus on their tasks, without interruption.

Stay Up-To-Date: FileWave provides the ability to automatically find and deploy system updates for both Mac and Windows clients, making patch management a breeze.

Content On-Demand: With FileWave’s self-service kiosk, individuals see applications, documents and other content that you have made available to their system as an optional download, and can install or uninstall these items, as desired. This feature provides the content users need, when they need it - without having to call support.

Real Data, Real Time: FileWave’s dashboard provides FileWave Administrators real-time statuses of critical systems and services at a glance via the FileWave admin console, or as a webpage. And, if anything goes wrong, customizable alert notifications can be configured to automatically email the appropriate person(s) – keeping any eye on things 24/7, so that you don’t have to.

Advance Data and Reporting: FileWave's integrated inventory system allows you to quickly access detailed information for all of your Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. FileWave Inventory will automatically scan across all inventory reports to give you up-to-date information of current software usage. You can also monitor usage of different versions, suites or components - even those that were not installed by FileWave. Reports can be sent directly to you, or anyone else in your organization, via email for “hands-off” monitoring.

Stay Informed: Whether it’s direct synchronization with the Apple App Store for iOS and OS X to display all licenses purchased by your organization, or the ability to track licenses based on purchase orders for software and fonts in use in your environment, FileWave provides a streamlined method to track licenses. And, if the number of licenses is in danger of running out, alert notifications can be sent so you’ll always be one step ahead.

Diverse Integration: FileWave provides direct integration with LDAP compliant directories, such as Active Directory, Open Directory, E-Directory, and open LDAP, as well as a RESTful API and SIS integration via Clever.com.

Modern Classroom Management: FileWave provides organizations with two easy ways to manage their classrooms - FileWave Engage and Apple Classroom.

Return On Investment

Description: eturn on investmentHaving the right solution can increase the efficiency of your staff, reducing the cost of ownership and minimises liability by providing a framework that enforces software licensing compliance, security standards, energy usage, and other organisational rules and requirements.

Description: star


PRO TECHnology's Partners and Accreditations

PRO TECHnology are both a reseller and an integrator of SYMANTEC MDM, with the highest accreditations. Our experts are trained and certified by SYMANTEC for our customers which is an on-site professional service that ensures the software is fully-working and properly configured and the administrators are fully trained.


Apple Authorized Reseller


Description: Mac - Mac OS X Lion

Test drive Apple's award-winning product range
Premium Resellers have all the latest Apple products including the iPod family,
the full range of Apple Mac computers and a wide range of complimentary third
party products and accessories.

Exceptional buying experience
Apple Premium Resellers transform your buying experience for both new and existing
Apple customers. They also provide excellent product / software knowledge and advice,
plus pre and after-sales support, training, customers finance programmes, events and
special promotions.

Description: Pod nano

Description: ac Pro Lion

Excellent product knowledge
Apple Premium Reseller employees are professionally trained and can provide
specialist advice. Whether you need a computer for your own leisure, family,
at home or work, you are guaranteed help and advice to make the right choice.
Advanced customers can also benefit from specialist expertise and training in
music, photography, video and publishing.

Switching made easy
Switching to a Mac from your PC is very simple - PRO TECHnology employees can get you
started, and show you how to copy across all your existing data including emails,
address books, favourites and more.

Description: acBook Pro Lion

Description: life Lion

Hands-on demonstrations
What will you love about your Mac? More fun with photos? One-click websites?
Hollywood -style movies? You can make amazing stuff with a Mac - learn how
with hands-on demonstrations.


Service offering

Become a VIP with PRO TECHnology's Care Plus Protection Plan, an extended warranty plan for home users and businesses.

Description: are Plus

3 Year Service and Support
3 years hardware repair and telephone support for Mac OS,
iApps and QuickTime.

Description: are Plus

Priority Repairs
Bring your Mac to us and we will diagnose it for the next working day.1

Description: are Plus

Apple Certified Technicians
All PRO TECHnology technicians are Apple certified guaranteeing you
the best service and support available.

Description: are Plus

From as little as 19p per day
We will manage the entire process, from registration to support and repairs.

Description: are Plus

Free training session on OSX, iLife or iWork

You will get a unique 1 hour training session on either Mac OS X, iLife or iWork to help you get started. Our staff are happy answer all your questions, and get you up and running with your new Mac. 2

Description: are Plus

PRO TECHnology VIP Card
Get exclusive discounts on products in store, along with limited time offers designed just for VIP card holders.

This comprehensive plan provides three years service for one economical price and includes telephone support, powerful diagnostic tools, Apple certified repairs and 24-hour continuous support.

Care Plus is an excellent choice for individuals who want to avoid unexpected repair costs and for any business needing to control their computer maintenance budgets. By investing in our Care Plus Protection Plan you could also avoid the possibility of a single repair costing significantly more than the whole plan - so invest in peace of mind now.

1 Collections booked after 11:00 a.m. will be diagnosed within 48hrs. The customer must provide original or suitable packaging. PRO TECHnology and their couriers offering this service, will not be held responsible for damages that might occur in transit, unless items are properly packaged.


Mac support and Apple repairs.

At PRO TECHnology, we believe in long-term relationships. So, as well as a full installation service, we offer a range of Apple support services to ensure that our customers get the best from their systems on an ongoing basis.

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we have our own team of fully trained engineers on hand to offer Mac support and Apple repairs when you need it most. From a single warranty repair to a major server failure - we're here to assist you. 

  • We service all Apple equipment (except iPhones) purchased from PRO TECHnology or elsewhere - in or out of warranty or covered under the Apple Care Protection Plan.
  • Our in-house repair team guarantees fast turnaround at competitive prices.
  • Apple annually accredits our engineers to ensure our work is to the highest standards.
  • Having a direct link to Apple's European logistics facility normally guarantees swift spares availability.
  • Hardware upgrades and software configurations - everything from a RAM upgrade to a complete software install.
  • Data recovery - Don't despair is your data files become corrupt and inaccessible... using the latest techniques we can normally recover your valuable information.
  • Data transfer or Backup service - very useful when you change your Mac.
  • Regional on-site servicing - Ad-hoc or contract.
  • National Telephone Technical Support.

You can choose from a wide range of service options and plans, from a one-off, to three-year extended warranties, to guaranteed 4-hour response contracts.
To contact our service team,
please call 04 3435501, email: support@protech.ae


Service Contract

Description: http://www.squaregroup.co.uk/images/user/banners/tech-hand.jpg

PRO TECHnology is there when you need us

After ordering, you'll be continually updated on the installation schedule and emailed when the order is dispatched. Our engineers can install all equipment and software, connect it to your network and ensure all is operational. We'll even be able to answer your technical queries during the crucial 30-day bedding in period, ensuring uninterrupted business.

Occasionally things go wrong, so why not consider one of our highly flexible, rapid response 4 or 8 hour on site service contracts which last from 12 months to 3 years and can be tailored to suit any requirement. In the unlikely event of your equipment failing, use our secure online service management system, iRepair, or bring it back to one of our stores and we'll book it into our service department to diagnose.

All customers can track their repair progress and history using iRepair. You'll have secure access to monitor your equipment including anything under contract with us, so you can see exactly how your repairs (and PRO TECHnology's engineers) are progressing. There's also some useful hints and tips available.



Comprehensive Training Facilities

PRO TECHnology delivers only the highest quality training by making the absolute most of creative computing. Working with expert trainers within the industry, PRO TECHnology's approach to training is a complete service from consultancy to design, delivery and post training support. Offering a variety of training solutions to best suit your needs.

Bespoke Training

A tailored solution for groups and individuals specifically designed to your unique business environment and individual user needs.

Scheduled Courses

PRO TECHnology can now offer distinct and in-depth Apple and Adobe authorised programs, designed to gain a competitive edge and create a benchmark for assessing proficiency in professional applications.
Featuring a 30-seat seminar suite, an eight-station iMac training room fully equipped with the latest Apple technologies, software and peripherals, along with a professional edit suite that we use to display the latest in professional video technology. We have the space to suit your needs and ensure you receive a real life learning experience.


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